Success Stories


CFO & Advisory Case Studies

Great Hill Advisors has a consistent record of driving shareholder value. Through expertise and empathy, Great Hill helps privately-held businesses navigate financial and operational issues, turnaround situations, and growth opportunities.

Financial Leadership Needed, Prepare for Profitable Sale

Family-owned business going through turbulent management and Board changes.

Situation & Challenges

  • Company needed financial leadership
  • Ownership desire to professionalize its finance operations and seeking financial and strategic advice
  • Prepare for possible sale of Company


  • Quickly became key leader and voice of stability
  • Changes to most external professional resources – including Account, Tax, Insurance, Legal and IT
  • Provided critical financial information and business line profitability analysis to allow data-based decisions
  • Led installation of strong processes and documentation, corrected problematic pre-hire ERP implementation
  • Initiated significant cost reductions and maintained positive bank relations during difficult cash period


"I now understand our company, its profitability profile, and our challenges better than I have in my 18 months serving on the Board. Now we can make informed decisions."

— From Board Member to Investor after review of analysis 60 days into assignment

Member, Board of Directors

Private-Equity owned toy company addressing leverage and operating issues.


  • Lender insisted on newly created outside board.
  • Work with new Board and PE investors to monitor results and create alternative strategies


  • Led Finance and Liquidity committee
  • Provided perspective from broad-based experience (operating, financial, turnaround).


"As a young lawyer, one mentor told me that answers are easy...asking the right questions is far tougher and more important. You consistently were asking the right questions."

— Outside Corporate Counsel

Diverse Skills Needed for Acquisition Company

Well-funded company recently formed to purchase hardware stores and building products retailers.


  • CEO had Letters of Intent under negotiation and help needed to oversee due diligence, plan administration and develop external professional relationships.


  • CFO and right-arm to CEO as three acquisitions were completed. Formed accounting and tax resources, led financing search and funding of banking relationship (initially over $20 million), key investor contact company capital planning, developed financial reporting system.